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Yogpod 5th Jul 2016

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Player Info 

Steam name: Preston Gervey

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:66057978

In-Game Battalion:  Sith

In-Game Rank:  Sith Acolyte

In-Game Nickname:  Tower

Full In-Game Name:  Sith Acolyte Tower

Garry's Mod Playtime: 3785

Time on Server:  I don't know, as you guys don't have Utime.

Rule Breaking 

Have you ever been banned on the ImperialRP server or in any part of our community?:  No.
If you have been banned, for what reason were you banned?: 

How many warns do you have on the server?:   None.

Have you ever been kicked from the server?:   No.
What reason, if you have been?:  


If people were asked if they knew you on the server, how many people do you think would recognize your or your name? Who do you think would definitely recognize you? Answer truthfully, as we will most likely ask those named people.:   Probably everyone on currently, probably the staff of dusk would definitely recognize you.

Do you think you have built yourself at least a decent reputation with the server?:  Yes.


Do you have a mic of decent quality that you use more than regularly on the server? (Note: We do not require you to have a mic. We just want to know if you do.):  Yes.

Do you know how to use proper grammar? (It's not required, but if you are able to, please use grammar.):   Yes, I am.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your general communication skills?: /10  8/10


You see a player heavily minging around. The person is spawning bottles of beer and throwing them at people, not listening to their higher ups, and is being constantly arrested for entering restricted areas. What do you do?:  Ban them for 3 hours for the reason: "No Intent To RP | Minge."

A player was mic spamming in the canteen. Though the player was doing it as a joke, you catch him mid-act. What do you do?:  I ask why is he mic spamming and once I realize it's a joke I return to what I was doing.

A trooper is running around, killing every player he sees, otherwise known as mass RDM'ing. How do you respond to this?:  I permanently ban him.

A storm trooper reports a case to you using @. He says, word for word, "i saw someone enter a restricted area it was the bridge and there not a high enouph rank plz do somthing". What do you decide to do?:  I teleport to him and ask who and then hand out the proper punishment to the person who went into the bridge.

You are currently on-duty with someone one rank higher than you (your partner.). You are in the middle of a sit due to a case of RDM, while your partner waits for a case/sit to handle. In the middle of the sit, you see that your staff manager wants you in the admin chat (@). What do you do?:  I ask my partner to take over then teleport to my staff manager.


How old are you in real life?: 13

Are you familiar with ULX?: Yes, Very.

Have you ever staffed on another server before? If so, please list the server(s) and what rank you achieved on it, as well as why you no longer maintain that rank on said server.:  Duskgaming MBRP, superadmin, kysRP, I'm the owner and not sure if that counts, HotDogLandRP, admin, Acidic Starwars Roleplay, admin I'm no longer admin on this as the server got hijacked, KrakenRP, owner, Got demoted because the server got hijacked, Dark Ghost Gaming, mod server shut down, MRG AfricaRP, superadmin, HoodyHoodsRP, developer server shut down, and OG DarkRP, co-owner server shut down.

What kind of memes do you like? On a scale of 1-10, how dank are they?:  

Other notes you may have that you wish to mention. Of course, this is optional.: 
Co-Owner AbsoluteApex 6th Jul 2016

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What kind of memes do you like though. They may be 10/10 but what kind.
Xenomorph Queen Rusk 8th Jul 2016

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LOOK AT ME YOU SKINNY LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER You would be a Gr8 Tmod/mod/Admin/Superadmin +Support
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