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The Chill Community of Garry's Mod Started out on 6/22/2016 as an idea made by your 2 founders/owners, Slytek and Weeaboo. It was inspired after a couple failed attempts at a DarkRP server and us playing on a Imperial server we both liked (=SG= ScriptedGaming). We thought it'll be nice and fun to have our own server, and before we knew it we were throwing great ideas left and right to make it the chilliest and most unique Imperial RP server out there on Gmod and the server was created.

Unless the community gets big, we don't plan on having more than one server. But, you never know! Things can always change! So, everything down below is only for Imperial RP.

You can donate for the server to keep it up and running here to the right of your screen. We plan on adding donation rewards soon, but you'll have to wait for that! Donating will also make you an immediate VIP with the server (Must me $5 or more), giving you special rewards to use on the server! (We currently plan on VIPs being able to buy vehicles to use during events and ships to fly in space when you're bored on the Star Destroyer!

Join our Discord here! It's essentially a chat that can be used for our server, whether you want to use text or voice. It's available as a desktop app and a iOS and Android app.

Seeing errors or blank spaces where things should be? Chances are, you're missing stuff from our content pack.
http://steamcommunity.com/shar ... etails/?id=708263875

Our list of rules for our server, as well as our ban guidelines can be located here.

Anyways, have fun on our server and out community, and always stay
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